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Meet Clients & Profits.
Made exclusively for creative businesses, advertising agencies,
design studios, marketing firms, and corporate marcoms.
It's all you need to manage people, projects, media, and money.

The Digital Job
Ticket Knows All
Live Scheduling, Updated Instantly
Say Buh-Bye to Spreadsheets
The heart of the production process, it tracks creative briefs, estimates, deadlines, printing specs, assets, approvals, and more.

  Live scheduling means production reports are updated instantly. You'll always know what's up today, tomorrow, and next week -- without ever having to leave your desk.

  No more spreadsheets! Estimate, plan, and bill every kind of traditional and digital media. Link seamlessly with projects and accounting so you'll never have to re-enter anything.

Know Your Costs

Bill Anything, Anytime

Get To The
Bottom Line
Because if the client doesn't pay them, you do. Tracking time, purchases, and expenses are easy and foolproof. You'll see in real time what it took to finish a job.   It just takes a few clicks. Invoices are made from job tickets so there's nothing to rekey, ever. It's fast, exceptionally accurate, and remains unashamedly flexible.   Only Clients & Profits is built on an integrated agency-proven accounting system that syncs jobs, costs, checks, and billings into real-time financial, profitability, and productivity reports.

The Digital Job Ticket Knows All


It’s an online job jacket that remembers everything — job number, client, specifications, deadlines, budgets, time, costs, and billings. Just like your old paper-based job jackets, the job ticket tracks an entire project from start to finish. Every new project — a web site, a broadcast spot, a brochure, or even a new business pitch — is a separate job. Everything about a job can be seen from your own Mac, PC, or tablet. The changes you (and others) make appear automatically on daily production reports. Jobs stay open for as long as you need, and can be closed and reopened as required. So you can track complex, months-long jobs as easily as jobs that finish in a few days. Online creative briefs, work orders, printing specifications, and change orders make job tracking fast and easy.

Live Scheduling Updated Instantly


You might miss a deadline, but not because you didn’t know about it. Why? Because Clients & Profits knows what’s happening today, tomorrow, and next week. Anyone can see traffic, make changes, then print their own status reports anytime. Production reports are updated automatically as things change. So you’ll always know what’s going on, without the frantic emails. Every job task is scheduled independently and knows its deadline, start date, and who’s responsible for doing the work. Daily traffic reports show unfinished tasks for any day, week, or other time period. Since jobs change often, updating traffic reports is quick and easy. Because Clients & Profits is integrated, the changes others make to traffic instantly update your traffic reports. So it’s easy to see who’s doing what, when, and where every day.

Say Buh-Bye to Spreadsheets


In these times, a clear media estimate is simply good business. They help prevent confusion and costly miscommunication, and Clients & Profits makes it easy. Estimates can be created for all kinds of media, new or traditional. Media estimates and media plans can be as simple or complex as the client demands. Give each media buy a net amount (your cost after commissions) and a gross amount (what the client pays), plus notes that describe the buy. Everything appears on the printed estimate. Media estimates can be approved online for a completely paperless work flow. Estimates and plans become media orders, which then become media invoices. Since media estimates and media orders are linked, there’s no time-wasting rekeying the buys. Or, orders from media buying systems such as Strata and SmartPlus can be imported in batches. The media billing looks like the media estimate, so clients get fewer surprises — and have fewer reasons to delay their payment.

Know Your Costs


With a 17.65% markup, one dollar of unbilled costs takes six dollars in new billings to make up the difference. This means if a cost isn’t billed, you’ll be working overtime to pay for it. Clients & Profits automates costing for time and expenses, eliminating the worry. Time keeping is fundamental to Clients & Profits. Everyone has a pop-up daily time card which tracks the jobs and tasks while they’re working. Staff time appears on daily, weekly, and monthly productivity reports. Together with job cost reports, you’ll see which clients are profitable and which ones aren’t. So you’ll know at any time who’s more valuable. Clients & Profits also tracks POs, insertion orders, vendor buyouts, and expenses such as large-format output. Markups and billing rates are customizable, and transferring costs between jobs is a snap. And it’s all you need to track unbillable costs and over- head. So forget about spending hours searching for lost time slips and incomplete POs. With Clients & Profits, you’ll know in minutes what it took to finish a job—right from your own desk.

Bill Anything, Anytime, Anywhere


Quicker billing means improved cash flow and higher profits. So Clients & Profits makes client billing simple: Since most billing is based on a job’s costs and time, Clients & Profits can create an invoice automatically straight from the job ticket. What now takes hours can take only minutes. Since invoices are copied directly from job tickets, there’s no rekeying. Billing is quick, but exceptionally flexible. You can tailor invoices to a client’s needs, whether you're billing work in progress, completed jobs, estimates, advances, retainers, media, or account service fees. The auto-bill feature invoices every unbilled job with just one click. You can even bill different jobs on the same invoice. Unlike other programs, Clients & Profits gives you absolute control over billing amounts and descriptions. So clients see only what you want them to see. Invoices look clean, consistent, and accurate — because they are.

Get To the Bottom Line


The core of Clients & Profits is a reliable, powerful, advertising-tuned general ledger. The G/L is updated in real-time throughout the day, every day, from job costing, check writing, billing, and client payments. There’s no double-entry, ever. It’s all intelligently automatic, so there’s nothing to integrate — nothing to export, nothing to juggle. It’s the only software you need to print vendor and client agings, audit trails and journals, cash flow, and job profitability reports. (You don’t lose your work at month-end, so financial statements can be printed for any period during the fiscal year.) But Clients & Profits is not just a back-office accounting program. Its creative side is simple enough that even the most finance-hating creative types can track their own jobs, anytime.

"We've been very fortunate in that we chose Clients & Profits as our agency's software." -- Maria Orsini, Cundari