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Client Job Requests

Job Requests are mini-estimates that provide a preview of a job for a client. It lets you provide a clear, concise job request of the work you are offering without opening an actual job ticket. Job Requests are a starting place to organize important details before the client starts the work.

  • Use these buttons to add, edit, or delete client job requests. To delete or edit a job request, select it from the list below, and click the edit or delete button.

    Use these buttons to print individual job requests or job request reports. To print an individual job request, select it from the list below, then click the Print Job Request button.

    The job request type classifies a job by the kind of work (e.g., brochures, media, collateral, web site, etc.) from the templates set up as job type/spec sheets.

    Client job requests can be filtered by client. Select a client from this pop-up menu. To see all job requests, leave this pop-up menu set to ALL.

    The job request status can be filtered by pending, accepted, or killed requests.

    You can also filter job requests created this week, the last month, or the last 90 days.

    To accept a request, select it from the list below and click the accept request link. To kill a request, click the kill request link. To change a job request from accepted or killed to pending, click the make pending button.

    The colored dots indicate the status of the client job request (accepted, pending, or killed). All new job requests are pending by default. Approving a job request converts it into a job ticket, changing the job request's status to accepted. If the client turns down the job request, clicking the kill button changes its status to killed.

job requests are a starting place to organize important details before the client starts the work. job requests can be added when pitching an idea to a client (or prospective client, too). Once your bid is accepted, they can be easily converted into job tickets. With a creative brief, cost, and start and due dates, you can pinpoint exactly what resources are needed to get the job done.

• The SmartTimer tracks time for one job task while you’re working.
• If you take a break (or take a break), you can pause your smart timer then resume the stopwa.tch later.
• Each time you use the SmartTimer a separate time entry will be saved on your Daily Time Card
• When click open the SmartTimer, the currently selected job task will be used automatically.
• You can open your smart timer from any Clients & Profits window that has jobs and tasks.
• Only one smart timer can be running at a time.

The SmartTimer and the Daily Time Card work together. The hours you track with a smart timer will appear automatically on your daily time card, as well as on department time sheets that your manager will review and approve. When you click the button to open the SmartTimer from a Job Ticket, the SmartTimer will automatically detect the job's name and number. If you're working on a different job, choose it from the Job menu.

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