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AE Project Status

It’s common for clients to track what they spend by project, program, or some other kind of category. When a new job is opened for a client, you can enter one of these codes into the project field. To keep your job tracking more consistent, you can establish a standard list of projects for each client.

AE Project Status

Click this button to update traffic and deadlines including the jobs Priority, Status, Dates, Days due, Status note, Traffic assignments, Client status notes/comments/next steps, Milestones, and Unfinished tasks.

Click this button to print the AE Project Status report.

Need to add a job, but you're in a hurry? The Insta-Job window makes adding a new job easier and faster than ever. Just add the client, give the job a name, choose a template, and Insta-Job instantly creates the job for you.

You can find jobs by client name or number by using this drop-down menu. Once you begin typing the client name or number in the field to the right, Clients & Profits will automatically begin filling in the name of the client or number for you. Once you have the client name or number that you're looking for, click the magnifying glass icon.

Search results for a client can be filtered by production or finance status. Additionally, you can narrow the range of results for more pinpoint accuracy by choosing a starting range from this drop-down menu, then an ending range from the drop-down menu to the right.

Once you've chosen a starting range from the drop-down menu to the left, choose an ending range from this drop-down menu.

If you want to see all job types for AE Project Status, leave this drop-down menu set to All Job Types. If you want to see only projects for a particular type of job, select from Branding, Broadcast Production, Direct Mail, Fee, Hours, Interactive, Media, Miscellaneous, or Overhead.

You can update job traffic and deadlines instantly two ways. Either by selecting a job and clicking the Update Traffic : Deadlines button, or simply double-clicking the job. The Job Traffic : Deadlines window allows you to edit the job status, deadlines, timeline, and calendar. Once you've made your changes, click Save.

To see job approvals

Tasks can create their own approval steps automatically. In the Task Table, a requires approval option causes a job approval request to be created whenever a new job is opened or a new tasks is added to a job ticket. The task approvals appear in the Pending tab but are undated. Double-clicking on a task approval lets a staff member enter its description and other details, as well as assign its approval to a supervisor.

To see job approvals

1 Choose Jobr > Job Tickets.

2 Click on the approvals link or choose Edit > Edit Job > Approvals.

The Job Approvals window opens, displaying the job's pending approval requests:

Approval requests are displayed separately by status: Pending, Approved, and Rejected. Any approval request that involves a job ticket will be displayed. Double-clicking on an approval request displays its complete details. From the Job Approval window you can review, edit, or delete approval requests, approve or reject a request, resend a selected approval request via e-mail, or print a hard-copy of a request to the printer.

Approval requests are initials listed by date needed, oldest first. Requests shown in the list can be sorted by clicking on any column heading. To reverse the sort order of a column, click on the column heading again. Urgent requests are identified as "RUSH" in the Priority column but are still ordered by date needed.

How the job approval process works
Anyone can request an approval for any step during a job's lifetime. These steps can be ok'd by any staff member with the correct approval access privileges. When a job approval request is made, the person who will approve it is notified via e-mail. It also appears in the staffer's Approval Manager window immediately. A request can be approved as is, approved with conditions or changes, or rejected with our without a reason. In any case, the requestor is notified via e-mail. Job content, such as copy, illustrations, or video, can be sent to a client contact for approval as well. Any client contact who has the approve jobs and content option checked can be chosen as the person to approve a request. (Only one person, either a staff member or a client contact, can be selected to approve a request.) When the client receives the request, he or she can reply to the email or, if you use the My Clients & Profits! X add-on web server, can approve the request online from their web browser. For better accountability, creative briefs, estimates, and schedules can be required (see approval preferences) to be internally approved before being printed for the client.

To add a job approval request

The approval request gets the approval process rolling. Any staff member can add an approval request for jobs, purchase ordes, media plans, invoices, and more. Adding an approval request is easy: find the record for which you need approval, add the request, enter its details, then click Save. The approval process is 100% paperless.

General job approvals, as well as approval requests for content (artwork) and job tasks are added from the Job Approvals window. Specific job approval requests are added from:
• Creative brief
• Estimates
• Schedules
• Change orders

Adding other approval requests Approval requests for proposals, purchase orders, media plans, media estimates, insertion orders, A/P invoices, and A/R invoices are added by clicking on the Add Request button at the bottom those windows. All approval requests are listed together in the Approval Manager window.

The Approval Manager is not available in C&P Studio.

To add a job approval request

1 From the Job Ticket window, click the approvals link.

2 Click the add button.

The Add Job Approval Request window opens:

2 Enter the approval request's details.

The step/description describes the type of request being made. It identifies this request on the Approval Manager window and makes up the subject on the notification e-mail.

All of the staff members who can approval this type of request, as well as the client contacts with content approval, appear is the to be approved by drop-down menu. You can select any name from the menu to approve your request. A staff member may be chosen automatically from a setting in approval preferences which you can change.

• Only one staff member or client contact can be selected to approve a request (however, there is no limit to the number of approval requests you can make).

Enter the date and time (which is optional) you need the approval by in the needed when field. If you want this approval request rushed, click on the RUSH checkbox; this will appear in the Approval Manager and in the subject of the notification e-mail.

The optional instructions can be used to explain why you need this request approved. It's a place to make your case for approval, or at least to help the approver understand what you're asking for. The instructions are included in the notification e-mail and also appear in the Edit Approval Request window. They can be changed any time.

The optional status note can be used to give this approval request a little more information. It works similarly to the status note on job tickets and purchase orders. Approval requests can be sorted by status note in the Approval Manager window.

If this approval request involves content (i.e., artwork, copy, layouts, etc.) you can select any digital file to attach to the notification e-mail. To attach a file, click the Get File to Approve button the choose the file from the Open dialog box. Any kind of file can be attached, but smaller files are recommended since they are e-mailed. A preview of the graphic will be displayed if it is gif, jpg, or tif file.

• Only one file can be selected per approval request. If you have multiple files that need approval, you'll need to add them as separate requests.

3 Click Save.

The new approval request will be e-mail immediately to the approver's e-mail address. It will also appear instantly in their Approval Manager window. You will be notified via e-mail when the request has been approved, approved with conditions or changes, or rejected.

Your approval requests will appear in your Approval Manager window (choose My > My Approvals) where you can track the status of the requests you've made, as well as those made of you. Your approval requests can be easily changed by double-clicking on a request in the Approval Manager window, saving any changes, then clicking the resend button to notify the approver.

If the approval request was sent to a client, they'll receive an e-mail with the request's description, instructions, and the attached file. The client can reply to your e-mail with their approval.

To see and edit an approval request

1 From the Job Approvals window, double-click on a approval request.

The Edit Approval Request opens, displaying its complete detail including the name of the person who requested the approval, the step to be approved, the date the approval is needed by, its rush or draft status, and any special instructions that would help the approver understand the request.

If the approval request involves job content (e.g., illustrations, photos, text documents, PDFs, etc), the path to the file's location is shown. If the file is a GIF, TIFF, or JPG graphic, a thumbnail will be displayed. (The file itself can't be opened here.)

If this is a request your made, you can change its description, date needed, instructions, and status here. You can only change the your own requests.

2 Make your changes, then click Save.

To delete a job approval request

1 From the Job Approvals window, click once on an approval request to select it.

2 Click on the delete button or choose Edit > Delete Approval Request.

To resend a job approval request

If you change the status, instructions, or some other part of an approval request, it can be easily resent to the person who will approve it. They'll receive an e-mail containing the approval request's new details instantly. Approval requests can only be e-mailed to one person, which is the staff member who can approve it. To reduce in-box clutter, approval request e-mails can't be cc'd to other staff members.

1 From the Job Approvals window, click once on a job approval request to select it.

2 Click the resend button or choose File > Resend Approval Request.

To print an approval request

The printed approval request displays the job, client, requestor, step/description, date needed, the optional file to approve, and any accompanying instructions on a single printed page. Only one approval request can be printed at a time.

1 From the Approval Manager window, click once on an approval request to select it.

2 Click the print button or choose File > Print Approval Request.

To approve (or unapprove) a job approval request

Job approval requests are unique because, unlike other types of requests, they can be unapproved. Unapproving a request isn't a rejection; instead, it notifies the requestor that you changed your mind about the request and need further information.

1 From the Job Approvals window, click once on an approval request to select it.

2 Click the approve/unapprove button or choose Edit > Approve/Unapprove Request.

• Job approvals can be made conditionally (i.e., it is approved with certain changes or conditions that have to be met) in the Approval Manager window (see My > My Approvals).

To reject a job approval request

Job approval requests can be rejected outright. The person who made the request will be notified immediately of the rejection via e-mail. The reason for the rejection can be entered into the conditions/changes field in the Edit Approval Request window in the Approval Manager, but not in the Job Approvals window.

1 From the Job Approvals window, click once on an approval request to select it.

2 Click the reject button or choose Edit > Reject Request.

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